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Margarita with French Grey Salt

a cocktail recipe
2 oz tequilla
1½ oz orange liqueur
1 oz lime juice, fresh squeezed
1 tsp agave (plus more for garnish)
pinch french grey salt, coarse grain
Margarita with French Grey Salt
a cocktail recipe
by Maggie Frank
As an artist and passionate foodie, Maggie Frank has made a career of serving up sweet treats. She found her love for food after experiencing the way a great meal or dessert can truly centerpiece celebration and bring people together. As a proud graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, she believes food is a way of life. Testing and sharing recipes that others can try out and bring into their own homes brings her a great feeling of fulfillment. Follow her adventures on instagram: @mgmfrank.bakes
a little bit about the recipe
Salt and tequila pair hand in hand and the minerals in French Gray Salt create such a great flavor combination in this classic margarita.
PREP | 5 M
1 SERVING | 5 oz
In a glass or shaker full of ice add the tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and agave. Shake or mix together until cold.

Take your drinking glass and run some agave around the edge, then carefully press the edge into the gray salt.

Fill the garnished glass with ice, and pour your margarita in to enjoy!
If you don’t have agave, garnish with honey!

If you prefer to have a drink unsweetened, you can use the cut side of a lime to run on the rim to help the salt stick.
ingredients in recipe
coarse grain
This artisanal dried coarse grain French grey salt is rich in minerals and is tinged grey from the clay bottom of the tidal pools from which it is harvested. Briny and flavorful, but softer on the palate than commercial salts.
3 oz - JAR$3
3 oz - REFILL$2
16 oz - REFILL$8