chile/chili pepper

(Ground, Powdered, Whole)

Chile Peppers (aka chili) fresh from SELEFINA. We offer a variety of chiles both as freshly ground powders and in whole dried form. Purchasing the whole dried peppers allows you to dry-roast and grind the chiles into flakes as needed. Alternatively, whole dried chiles can be rehydrated in a warm water bath, chopped, and added into sauces. Ground chiles are easy way to add a bit of heat and some complexity to dishes. They are more convenient than whole dried peppers, but will also lose flavor and aroma more quickly the whole form over time . Our ground spices are delivered fresh to your kitchen, avoiding months on grocery store shelves.

This favorite trio is sometimes called the "The Holy Trinity" in Mexican cuisine and they are often used together in traditional dishes: ancho chile pepper, guajillo chile pepper, and pasilla chile pepper.