(Whole, Flakes, Coarse Grain, Fine Grain)

Specialty French salts from SELEFINA. We're excited to have sourced gourmet sea salt from artisans off the north coast of France. They have been harvesting these salts the same way for centuries and their love of the tradition and their strong sense of stewardship for the land make these hand-crafted salts incredibly special. The salts are all-natural and undergo no washing or chemical treatments. Use the Coarse Grain French Grey Salt in cooking or roasting vegetables, use the Fine Grain French Grey Salt for the shaker on your table, and use Fleur de Sel for finishing fine dishes with a flavorful flourish. If you don't think you'll get through an entire jar or pouch of a certain spice, we offer our 'try me' samples. Buy one—or a handful—of these sealed portion-sized pouches, and open them as needed to use for your next culinary adventure.

Dig deeper: If you're interested in harvesting methods and learning about the ancient traditions of these specialty salts from Brittany, be sure to read our French Sea Salts primer.