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festive flavors for

We are deep into the time of crisp autumn breezes, brightly colored leaves, and chunky knit blankets. It can't be denied that holiday feasting is just around the corner. In preparation for the meal with family and friends might we suggest you take some time to refresh your cabinet—and that you fill it with spices so fresh they inspire your time in the kitchen. If you want an aromatic treat, try buying whole spices and grinding (or grating) them yourself as you need them. But don't fret if this isn't in your time budget, our ground spices are milled fresh in small batches and they will deliver a similar olfactory bliss. Opening a jar of our freshly ground cinnamon, cloves, or cardamom seeds will whet your appetite for the pies and baked treats of the season.

Whole nutmeg is a hard ovate seed kernel that is used grated or ground as a warm, slightly sweet spice with a pungent fragrance.
green pods
whole pods
Aromatic and flavorful, whole green cardamom pods can be lightly crushed to further enhance flavor in cooking.
cinnamon sticks
2 3/4" quills
Cassia cinnamon sticks are rigid making them ideal for aromatic crafting or for use as flavor-imbuing stirrers.
Signature garlicky taste in powdered form. Ideal for spice blends. Also useful for dressings or other stored foodstuffs. The powder will give foods a garlicky taste without overpowering more nuanced inclusions.
juniper berries
Juniper berries, whole
Add dried thyme to your oven roasted dishes for a savory Mediterranean taste. Pair it with basil and oregano to lean toward Italian flavor combinations or pair it with lavender and celery seeds to lean toward French recipe favorites.
white peppercorn
Use whole white peppercorn along with black (and even green or red) peppercorn in your colorful peppercorn mixes.
Whole cloves are intensely aromatic dried flower buds that will impart a warm pungency. It has a slight sweetness on the tongue balanced by a spicy bite.
a holiday infusion

Are you looking to whet your whistle with the warmth of a spicy spirit? Or perhaps you'd like to surround yourself with a more pervasive aromatic delight? Our Mulling Spice Mix will infuse your home with holidays. Our mix includes twangy citrus orange peel, warm sweet cinnamon, spicy pungent allspice, and licorice-y star anise.

holiday feasting

Whether you want to warm your belly with cinnamon-filled baked goods or a 'glowing' boozy beverage, we have a handful of quick recipes that can help get you ready to enjoy the feast. These recipes star warming spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves; pungent spices like ginger; and the seasonally-inspired citrus zing of orange peel.

WORTH NOTING:   We've created RECIPE SAMPLERS for a handful of our most popular recipes and priced them at just $2 EACH. Included in each SAMPLER is a postcard with the recipe and the Try Me Sample-size spices to make that recipe. Click through to the recipe page to add these to your cart. We hope this helps you make lots of new discoveries. And, as an aside, we've been told they would make great stocking stuffers.