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Cardamom Rose Latte Creamer

a drink recipe
1 cup milk / half-n-half / oat milk
2 tbsp sugar
2 tsp rose petals (dried)
10 green cardamom pods, lightly crushed
Cardamom Rose Latte Creamer
a drink recipe
by Hannah Huddleston
Hannah is a food photographer, and a food blogger since 2019. Due to the fact that Hannah's love language is food, making and serving beautiful, delicious bites and sips is her passion. She shares her love and recipes with the world on her blog or on Instagram @sweetsavorys.
a little bit about the recipe
This Cardamom Rose Latte adds a gourmet twist on the classic drink. The cardamom adds a citrusy flavor profile and the rose's floral notes make this drink as versatile as it is delicious. Though this latte is made here as a coffee-based drink; tea can be used tea as well to a tasty result. Additionally, it can be served hot or cold so this beverage can be enjoyed any time of year.
TOTAL | 30 M
1 SERVING | 6 oz
Using a cooking mallet, lightly hammer the green cardamom pods to get them to open. Once the cardamom pods are open, add them to a small saucepan. Additionally, add milk, sugar, and rose petals. Heat the milk on low to medium heat until just simmering (this takes about 5 min). Take the milk off the heat, cover to cool about 15 min to 30 min. Once cool, it can be strained and used in your latte. *

Once you are ready to use your Cardamom Rose Creamer (if it is cold, heat it up for 20-30 seconds in the microwave as this will allow it to create more froth for the latte.)

Pour desired amount of Cardamom Rose cream into a cup, and with milk frother, froth the milk until there is a nice foam on the top (about 2 minutes). Once the milk is frothed, add use a spoon to hold back the froth on top and pour the cream over the top of your coffee. Once all of the unfrothed liquid is poured; spoon the froth on top of the latte. If you like you can garnish with crushed rose petals or a dash of ground cardamom.


Extra Cardamom Rose creamer can be stored in a covered container for up to 5 days after making.
- The longer you allow it to steep the stronger the rose and cardamom flavor is.
- The Cardamom Rose Cream froths best when slightly heated.
- Coffee can be substituted with your black tea of your choice or espresso.
ingredients in recipe
whole petals
Dried rose petals have a full sweet-scented aroma. Simple syrup or other infusions with these rose petals will yield a delicate fruity taste and a heady floral bouquet; an aromatic addition to every thing from baked confections to boozy beverages.
0.2 oz - JAR$3
1.2 oz - REFILL$6
0.2 oz - JAR $3
green pods
whole pods
Aromatic and flavorful, whole green cardamom pods can be lightly crushed to further enhance flavor in cooking.
1.3 oz - JAR$10
1.3 oz - REFILL$9
6 oz - REFILL$24