©Rachel Corbitt

Purple Mountain Cocktail

a cocktail recipe
for the infused gin
12 butterfly pea flowers, whole
375 mL London Dry Gin
for the lavender syrup
½ cup sugar
½ cup water
1 pinch salt
1 tbsp lavender flower buds, whole
for the cocktail
2 oz butterfly pea flower-infused London Dry Gin
½ oz lemon juice
¾ oz grapefruit juice
½ oz lavender syrup (adjust to taste)
3 dashes tonic bitters
Purple Mountain Cocktail
a cocktail recipe
by Rachel Corbitt
Rachel Corbitt is currently an Anesthesiology resident physician at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. She discovered the home cocktail community on Instagram early on during the COVID pandemic, and jumped in with her own contributions (@theresidentmixologist). When she isn’t in the OR, she’s testing out new recipes and trying to find the best lighting in her apartment for cocktail pictures!
a little bit about the recipe
"...easily infuse your favorite clear spirits with [butterfly pea flower] yourself and make your own color-changing masterpiece."
PREP | 5 M
TOTAL | 24 H 5 M
1 SERVING | 3.75 oz
Make the infused gin:
Add flowers to gin and let sit overnight.

Make the lavender syrup:
Bring sugar, water, and a pinch of salt to a slow boil and stir until the sugar is dissolved. Add dried lavender buds and continue to boil for 1 minute. Turn off the heat and let it cool uncovered for 1 hour. Strain out the lavender and store in the fridge.

Make the cocktail:
Shake everything with ice and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a grapefruit twist.
Be patient with your butterfly pea flowers. They will infuse and release their color.
ingredients in recipe
This natural food colorant infuses a brilliant blue color into liquids. The further addition of acids like lemon juice will shift the color to purple!
0.3 oz - JAR$4
0.3 oz - REFILL$3
1.5 oz - REFILL$9
0.3 oz - JAR $4
A flowering member of the mint family, lavender is widely known for its distinct sweet aroma.
0.4 oz - JAR$5
0.4 oz - REFILL$4
0.4 oz - JAR $5