Iberian Infusion

spice blend collab
pinch jar
1.7 oz
Let’s travel to the Iberian peninsula of Spain and Portugal with this super versatile rich and smoky Iberian Infusion blend! This paprika-forward blend is well-rounded with smoky, sweet and flavorful chile notes, paired with alliaceous spices for a more complete blend. I’ve added some brightness with sumac and oregano, and warmth from cinnamon and cacao. 

The perfect blend for appetizers, mains and snacks:
  • Cook into stews or use as a rub for meats or on seafood!
  • Infuse into sauces or dips or dust snacks like popcorn or salted chips!
  • Coat vegetables before roasting or use as a base for rice dishes (like Paella)!

  • Tips:
  • Stovetop cooking: adding the blend to oil helps dissolve the pigment and flavor compounds, while intensifying the flavors. Add it closer to the beginning to allow the color and flavor to permeate the final dish better.
  • CAUTION: Do not burn/scorch - it can become very bitter. Add sugar to the dish for more sweetness and to balance out smokiness.
  • Salt your dishes well: this blend contains no salt, allowing you to add that umami using other ingredients (salt, broth, mushrooms, etc.,). It’s also versatile enough to add to already-salted snacks, like chips, popcorn or olives.

    Spice Blend Collaboration
    This project is a collection of blends formulated by creators from our community. The collection reflects the boundless creativity, knowledge, and passion of these creators. We hope you will support their innovative endeavors.
    Iberian Infusion , ground
    Paprikas, chipotle, guajillo, sumac, garlic, onion, oregano, black peppercorn, cayenne, cinnamon, coriander, cacao powder
    This blend is decidedly earthy, somewhat sour and peppery yet sweet
    Sweet, almost citrusy and smoky; piquant
    This blend begins as smoky, followed by the depth of the paprikas, chiles, alliums and cacao. It ends with a lingering sweetness. It adds a lovely rust-red color to dishes.
    Although already a well-rounded blend, pair with saffron for a haylike earthy richness or toasted sesame for a nutty caramel flavor. Herbs like rosemary, parsley and basil pair beautifully as well.
    Very versatile. Pair with seafood such as shrimp or scallops or meats/poultry, especially stews or roasts/BBQ. Roasted vegetables and starches like rice absorb flavor beautifully. Use in savory dishes, as a rub, marinade or a dust. The pigment and flavor compounds release very well in oil. Keep stirring and monitor heat as it can burn easily and turn bitter.
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