(Ground, Chopped, Whole)

Baking spices fresh from SELEFINA. Enjoying maximum freshness for baking spices means grinding whole or chopped spices as you need them. Stored in these larger forms spices stay fresh the longest since they have the least amount of surface area. Blitzing whole spices like allspice berries, cloves, black pepper, or dried chopped ginger root in a spice grinder, or crushing whole cardamom pods with a mortar and pestle right before use will yield the most powerful aromas and flavors. But this task has to be weighed against convenience. Do you have the time for—and are you up for the effort of—prepping your spices before you start baking? If it's a bit more than you can bear, we offer our ground spices, milled in small batches and delivered fresh to your kitchen. Bakers will appreciate the increased potency, aroma and flavor of our freshly milled spices. If you want convenience but don't think you'll get through an entire jar or pouch of a certain spice, we offer our 'try me' samples. Buy one—or a handful—of these sealed portion-sized pouches, and open them as needed to use for your next baking adventure.

Favorites in this category include: ground cardamom seeds, ground cinnamon, ground ginger and ground cloves.