cacaos/cocoas, sugars +

(Nibs, Powders)

Cacao (aka cocoa) fresh from SELEFINA. We offer luxury high-fat cacao powder and all-natural cacao nibs. When pressing high-fat cacao powder more cocoa butter is retained than in regular cacao powder—sometimes as much as twice the amount. This retained fat adds a richness to confections beyond what regular cacao powder can yield. Is your next question is about the difference between cacao and cocoa? We've written an article about them in our spice primers section, but in a nutshell the difference between cacao and cocoa is: sometimes none, sometimes heat, and sometimes additional ingredients. If you want to try some new flavorful spices or sweeteners but don't think you'll get through an entire jar or pouch, we offer our 'try me' samples. Buy one—or a handful—of these sealed portion-sized pouches, and open them as needed to use for your next culinary adventure.

Sweet tip: Grinding the nibs to make your own powder isn't recommended. Nibs are about 50% fat, and the heat from grinding will most-likely yield a paste.